Volume III : Issue 2

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Featured Poet || Interview with Jack Butler


                                        After John Wink Tells Me How He Would Like to
                                       Write a Villanelle on Jesus, a Villanelle on Lynnice,                                        and a Villanelle on Desire, I Am Seized with a                                        Vision of Blessed Order, and Steal His Subjects

                                       Homage to the First Geometer                   

                                        The Frustration of Simple Desires

                                        Out of the Ghetto of Angels

                                        The Kid Who Wanted to Be a Spaceman

                                        Not Quite Like Son

                                        Wild Orders


                                        One Reason for Stars

                                        Sundays in the Cemetery of Lost Childhood

                                        I Thought My Father Was Time

                                        Attack of the Zombi Poets

                                        Mr. Entropy Meets the Weak Anthropic Principle

                                        The Changing of Vision with Time

                                        Paradise Is a Hard Gig:

                                        The Constancy of Existence

                                        Ka Ka

                                        You Wax Sausage Apparatus after Rain and                                        Shade

                                        Villanelle for Kirsten

                                        Youth Is a Passage, Aging’s the Play


Essays || Fall 2009

Jack Butler


Reviews || Fall 2009

William Wright

Taking the Switchback by Stephen Gardner

Poetry || Fall 2009

Connie Jordan Green


Kevin McLellan


Jen Reid

Laura Sobbot Ross

Naomi Thiers

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