Volume VI : Issue 2

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Featured Poet || Interview with Christopher Martin


                                       Revelation on the Cherokee County Line
                                       Buzzards at Allatoona Pass                   

                                       A Church Sign on Summers Street

                                       The Wish to Sing with Primitive Baptists

                                        Deer Crossing Old Mountain Road

                                        Sunset at Pigeon Hill

                                        Strolling the Dead Angle

                                        There is Grace Dwelling at the Edges of Our Imposition

                                        Resurrection in a Battlefield below Kennesaw Mountain

                                        Sex at Noses Creek

                                        Crossing the Altamaha

                                        Fishing St. Andrew’s Sound

                                        Antidote to Narcissus

                                        Parable of the Flycatcher

Essays || Fall 2012

Christopher Martin

Earthly Evidence: Sacredness of Place in the Poetry of Byron Herbert Reece

Poetry || Fall 2012

Jesse Breite

J. Scott Brownlee

John Davis, Jr

C. Michael Downes

Brenda Kay Ledford

Kathleen Brewin Lewis

Al Maginnes

James Owens

William L. Ramsey

Henry Spottswood

Tim Suermondt

Matthew Wimberley

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