Volume VIII : Issue 2

Table of Contents
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Featured Poet || Interview with Adam Vines

                                        After Artshwager’s Destruction III

                                        After Picasso’s Woman Ironing

                                        Still Life with Banyan Tree

                                        Pigeons at Fat Sam’s

Collaborative Poems with Allen Jih

                                        A Weak Mind in the Auditorium


                                        Sharik’s Day at the Dentist

                                        And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon

                                        The Wizard’s Confession

                                        The Projectionist

Poetry || Fall 2014

Jeff Alfier

Tina Barr

Win Bassett

Maggie Colvett

D. R. James

Maren O. Mitchell

F D Rohdenburg

Hank Spottswood

Larry Thomas

Scott Walker

John Thomas York

Contributor Bios