Volume VII : Issue 1

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Featured Poet || Interview with Jesse Breite


                                       Shadow Crossing
                                       Dead Leaf                   

                                       Cleaning Gutters

                                       “Everything burned in the wreck except his teeth, what they used to identify him.”

                                        The most beautiful wolf

                                        Being My Age

                                        Outside the Garden

                                        The Land of Opportunity

                                        70 East, Monroe County

                                        Praying Mantis                                       

Essays || Spring 2013

Jesse Breite

North of St. Louis

Poetry || Spring 2013

Phillip Barron

Maggie Blake

Denton Loving

Carolann Madden

Maren O. Mitchell

Sally Mohney

Rita Quillen

Zara Raab

Rosemary Royston

M.E. Silverman

Lee Slonimsky

Shelby Stephenson

William Kelley Woolfitt

Contributor Bios